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Add your story

Our group members can email your stories to

We would love to read as much or a little as you would like to share.

You can send:

  1. Any tips you've found helpful - eg your experience with PICC line, hot water bottles, where to park at hospitals...

  2. Your memories of your time in hospital, what you found hardest & how you coped.

  3. Your favourite or least favourite doctor or surgeon - please try to be constructive :-)

  4. Any favourite places to visit - and how fit you need to be to enjoy them.

  5. Anything else you think would be helpful or that you would like us to find out.

If any of our members would like to be a writer on this page, that would be fantastic! Just let us know and we'll set you up.

Sharing your story can be helpful for others going through a similar situation. It can also help to get your memories down on paper. Sometimes it makes things seem more real and less scary.

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