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Phone Numbers and Web Links

Our members have found the organisations below to be helpful:

Marie Curie: 0800 090 2309 Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm and Saturday 11am to 5pm

Macmillan: 0808 808 00 Mon - Fri 9am to 8pm

CRUK: 0808 800 4040 Mon - Fri - 9am to 5pm

Suffolk Family Carers: 01473 835400 Mon - Fri 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

will attend difficult consultant appointments and make notes

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Jun 10, 2018

Suzanne found the CRUK number to be particularly helpful as you go straight through to a nurse who can answer direct questions brilliantly - without asking for detailed personal history :-)


Jan 20, 2018

If there are any numbers or organisations which you have found useful, let us know and we will add them. You can email us at or become a member of SCaN and add your comments directly.

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